There is a record that the Gospel was preached by a Baptist preacher in what is now Imboden in the year 1877. Brother B.F. Holford testified in 1919 that he "preached his first sermon in a log cabin at this place 42 years ago before there was any town or railroad here."

In 1893, the church started meeting in the old school house. The six founding members were Mrs. John Bowers, Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Drake, Mrs. Alley Brady James and Mrs. W.C. Henderson.

In 1897, Brother W.P Kime preached from his special car on a side track near the depot. It was during this series of meetings that a church building site was selected for the First Baptist Church of Imboden. The location was the corner of Second and Elm Streets on a land donated by Captain W.C. Sloan. The pictured frame building was dedicated in May of 1900.

In 1927, the building was destroyed by a tornado.

A native cobblestone building was erected on the same site. It too was destroyed in late 1940 by fire.

Ministers of Imboden Baptist Church: E. P. Minton, first pastor; James B. Bellamy, H. B. Williams, H. H. Thomas, L. W. Russell, W. C. Hamel, C. C. Marshall, G. B. Borah, J. W. Wade, Dr. C. D. Tibbels, A. C Owens; L. W. Webb, Bro. Walters, D. C. Mayo, J. H. Bennett, Holman Ferguson, J. R. Barnell, E. L. DeVore, W. L. Yeldell, Floyd North, W. K. Wharton, Geo. Monroe, Bro. Peppers, Dr. J. C. Wicker, Basil Goff, Earl Selby, J. C. Smith, S. Wofford, J. I. Cossey, Dr. Savage, James Whitlock, Raymond Davis, Joe Loghry, ..., Tracy Martin, ..., Tony Clem, Tommy Medley, Michael Freeman.